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Thanks for joining our No Membership Level membership!

Thanks for contacting me and creating a new login. My membership software I used crashed and burned on April 15th with everyone’s logins with it. So this was the only choice to get music owed to those of you still members.  I will be organizing this site better in coming weeks. But right now, all of music is available in one zip file.

Please bear with me, and if you have any concerns, you may call me at 770-826-3662 so…

Here is 11 years of all my music. I am now in Nashville and I am writing songs and musicals, and I have retired from creating more tracks for this website. But as a paid member, you are paying for the rights to use my music for your products, videos, podcasts and any commercial use that helps your business.

I appreciate your continued support. Any questions email audioguysoundpages@gmail.com

Mike Stewart 4-16-2019