Who Else Wants Their Audio and Video Production To Be Perceived As Professional and Not Amateur? Then You Must Use Powerful Music!


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What can you do with our themes?
Making your CD audio product have a “high-end value feeling” by setting the tone
Audio book downloads feel more professional with music underscoring
Website audio buttons and messages with music get better response
Podcasts & blogs are online radio shows, what is radio without music transitions?
DVD products all use music to control the feelings and emotions of the viewer, you must too!
Online videos, You Tube and Video downloads are taken more seriously as real TV, not kids just playing, real business and you must have legal rights to use the music.

You can test and do this with this music, I know I did and it works.
Webinars are live TV, TV with no music, is not professional TV.
Live video streams like Ustream.tv & Stickam.com
PLUS: Bonus video tutorials each month on how to use the music
for audio and video projects
You will learn over time useful skills like:
How to mix music on front and back with Sound Forge 9
Make CD tracks with Sound Forge 9
How to make a sonic memo web button
How to setup a podcast with WordPress
Using Amazon S3 for audio downloads & podcasts
Duplication solutions at home and outsourced
Cover design for audio CDs & DVDs
Underscoring video cues
Make an Audio CD mix master with Sony Movie Studio
Scoring a video scene with TwoBuckThemes.com
Quick DVD authoring lesson
Using Amazon S3 for video downloads


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